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Time Zone

Turkey is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean-Time.


Visas are required for US and UK citizens, but can be easily purchased on arrival.


No special vaccinations necessary.


Varies considerably from region to region. Istanbul has a temperate climate with summer temperatures in the low 80s (26-28 degrees Celsius) and in the mid-40s (4-6 degrees Celsius). The west and south coasts share a typical Mediterranean climate with summer temperatures in the high 80s (26-28 degrees Celsius) to low 90s (32-34 degrees Celsius) and winter temperatures averaging in the mid-50s (12-15 degrees Celsius). The high, central plateau is a little cooler, and humidity is low.


is the Turkish lira (TL). Recently reformed and stabilized, it is fully convertible, and can be obtained on

Weight & Measures

Turkey uses the metric system


Is not a problem, since most of the people you are likely to encounter will speak English. Turkish is written in the Latin alphabet.


Electric power in Turkey is 220 volt, 50 cycle, but most four and five star hotel rooms have at least one 110-volt socket.

Telecommunications and Postal Service

Cellular communications in Turkey operate on the European bands (900 MHz as well as 1800 MHz). International calls can be placed easily from any fixed line phone. The international prefix is 00. For example, to call the US, dial 00 1 plus the relevant American area code and number. To call the UK, dial 00 40. Pre-paid cellular phones are widely available and the majority of international cellular phone operators offer roaming. For cellular phones, both data and voice service are available and Internet connections are available at most hotels. Postal service is widely available, inexpensive and reliable, but delivery can be slow. The major air express companies including DHL, UPS and FedEx serve Turkey.


Is generally excellent combining elements of Mediterranean & Near-Eastern cuisine. Vegetarian dishes are readily available.


There is no need to change your style of dress when visiting Turkey, but it is advisable to dress modestly in mosques.