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Food & Wine

One of the specialties of Turkey is keeping busy all your sensations and under this subject your sense will flattered by the items that are going to be involved. Mild atmosphere, maybe candle light for ambient and then, process will start with the pop of cork. Then, you smell the perfume of wine and it becomes intensive as pouring into special glasses. While you shake it with round moves, smell reaches the high notes. Wine in the glass seems like liquid rubies and tastes like heaven. After solo performance of Wine, real festival will start with the taste of Turkish Meze's (appetizers) Spicy's from Anatolia and Olive oily's from Aegean Coast. After this little welcome, warm greetings continue with Turkish kebabs, Tandoor from Central Anatolia, Adana & Shish kebab from Mediterranean coast, Eggplant & Urfa kebabs from Eastern Anatolia then, royal family come out and just like praising the word 'Harem', means secret, Ottoman food comes out with indescribable tastes. Baklava, Chiken-breast pudding and other desserts whisper that festival will end soon and Turkish coffee along with double-baked Turkish delights finishes the festival with its bitter-sweet taste.

Aegean Food & Wine 
Olive, olive oil and wine… Holy trinity of Aegean cuisine is just a glimpse of the rich kitchen of Aegean Coast. Great olive oiled appetizer, fresh green salads, and delicious sea-food along with wine, fits to table of Gods.

Traditional South East Tastes
Richness of culture just reflects from the shine of the cupper plates. Spicy foods, kebabs, eggplants, rice and energy-full deserts are just like an invitation to an unknown kingdom.

Cappadocian Wines & Tendors
This volcanic area not only effects the culture but plants too. Grapes enrich with these minerals makes the difference of Cappadocian Wines. Besides, foods cooked in tandoor will just introduce new-tastes of old foods tour about desired branch

Istanbul Restaurants & Cooking Lessons 
Queen of Turkey, Istanbul, is the main city where you can taste different regions' food in one region. If you wish, you can have some cooking lessons to learn some Turkish foods with hints and tips.